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Colin Hotzky: Interview: Web, System Administration And 'glue'
$foo Perl Magazin, Issue 29 (2014)

Steffen Winkler is Perl developer, speaker and one of the founders of the Perl Mongers Erlangen. His motto: "Everything that I had to do went fine with Perl."

Colin Hotzky: Dancing Perl - 13. German Perl-Workshop
heise Developer, Event News 16.11.2011

In the middle of October 2011 the 13. German Perl Workshop took place in Frankfurt/Main. Mostly German developers used the conference for networking and the workshops. Interesting was the speech about Dancer: a new web framework. There was also again a short speech round where new CPAN modules and GitGub projects were presentated. The one line concept and German as main language makes this conference an alternative to the English speaking YAPC.

Colin Hotzky: Print complex data structures with Data::Dumper
$foo Perl Magazin, Issue 14 (2010)

The structure and content of hashes and arrays can be sometime like a riddle. Especially if the data is read in from foreign modules. Trying to print a hash with print %hash results in HASH(0x814cc20) which seems to be not very helpful. The article shows how to "pretty print" all these structures.

Colin Hotzky: ASIX: Automatic Search in XML-Databases
Vdm Verlag Dr. Müller (Mai 2007) /
AV Akademikerverlag (Mai 2012)

Today most of the data is stored in databases. The have a relational structure where all data must fit in it. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is used to build structured data in a lot of different parts in the world wide web. The advantage the data stored in XML file can be irregular. The book shows how this data can be accessed in an easy and fast way.
With the help of a search history similar data can be accessed faster and faster. The search algorithm is transparent for the user. This proposal closes the gap between relational databases and full text search.